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James Copland, "Tort-Bar Treat"

In the New York Post, Jim Copland explores the Pelosi health care bill's unusual solicitude for the interests of the trial bar (earlier). And some other observations:

After a review of emerging evidence, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office last month dropped its old claim that tort reforms generate "very little" cost savings. Instead, the CBO found that nationwide adoption of tort reforms would save $54 billion in government health-care outlays over the next decade.

If anything, that understates the savings. The CBO implausibly found that more savings would come from lowered liability premiums for doctors and less from reducing wasteful "defensive" medical practices -- even though most statistical studies find the latter savings to be far more significant.

More on the CBO numbers: "Non-Partisan Congressional Budget Office: Legal Reforms Could Save $54 Billion" [CJAC] "CBO Underestimates Benefits of Malpractice Reform" [Lawrence McQuillan, Pacific Research Institute]

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