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Around the web, November 18

  • Lynne Stewart ordered to jail with tougher resentencing [WSJ Law Blog, McCarthy/NRO, Steele, our earlier coverage]
  • "What should we do instead of the Obama health reform bill?" [Tyler Cowen]
  • As EFCA sputters, unions push laws for easier organizing in Oregon and other states [WSJ]
  • Des Moines lawyer Roxanne Conlin, of SomePeopleJustNeedToBeSued.com fame, confirms she'll challenge Grassley for Iowa Senate seat; blames voter sexism, not tax embarrassment, for '82 defeat [DMR, Quad City Times]
  • Joseph Falcone and Morghan Richardson (Chadbourne & Parke) on Notice Pleading Restoration Act in Congress to overturn Twombly/Iqbal [Law.com]
  • Mini-roundup on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, all from Mike Koehler at FCPA Professor: "The FCPA As A Foreign Policy Stick"; the recent Frederic Bourke case; "Holder to Corrupt Foreign Officials - We Are Coming After Your Money"; or maybe not, if you're a big enough fish. More: WSJ Law Blog ("biggest ramp up of FCPA prosecutions since the measure was enacted in the 1970s", feds vow to pursue forfeiture).



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