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Around the web, October 22

  • Florida Justice Association race-baiting ad furor: "Trial Lawyers' Group Suspends Top Three Execs" [Legal Blog Watch, earlier at Overlawyered]
  • Dept. of unsurprising findings: per survey of news reporters, 38 percent find plaintiff's lawyers to be useful sources, 0 percent find defense lawyers so [Monteith & Co. (PDF) via Legal Blog Watch]
  • Dept. of unsurprising findings II: many public interest law firms from "liberal" and "conservative" sides unite as amici to support enhanced fees for public interest law firms [Coyle/NLJ, WSJ Law Blog, Mauro/NLJ (Children's Rights Inc. case); earlier]
  • "Threatening to strip their anti-trust exemption as a quid-pro-quo is the kind of thing that sounds cute until someone thinks up a way to do it to people on your side." [Megan McArdle, earlier]
  • I've been blogging extensively at Overlawyered, and have a new City Journal piece, on the Federal Trade Commission's scary new guidelines purporting to regulate bloggers' acceptance of freebies such as review copies of books and conference passes;
  • Burford Capital Ltd., litigation finance group in Britain, raises $130 million in IPO [Bloomberg via Hartley]



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