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Around the web, September 1

  • Former Senator Bill Bradley proposes an Obamacare compromise: "Tax Reform's Lesson for Health Care Reform" [NY Times]. One critic gloats/scoffs that Republicans aren't serious about malpractice reform except as an opposition issue since they didn't try it when in office [Jonathan Zasloff, SameFacts] And I have a link roundup at Overlawyered on the subject.
  • Bahind the bankruptcy-claims capitulation, political brute force: "Chrysler yielded to pressure from consumer groups that aggressively lobbied for a law requiring warning stickers on used Chrysler vehicles, an effort which would have reduced the value of the vehicles." [Day]
  • Penn lawprof Tom Baker, whose policy views tend toward the opposite of those espoused here, has some good insights on shortcomings of insurance company data as a way of assessing litigation trends [SSRN via Mass Tort Prof]
  • Imagine that, injured parties seeking damages: "Civil Rights Defendants Going After Attorney Fees" [The Recorder]
  • Trial lawyers' political activism in California has been bad news for that state's economy [John Sullivan (CJAC), SF Chronicle]
  • "Securities Class Actions to Come to India?" [Karlsgodt]



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