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Advance-fee scams meet global environmental litigation

Advance-fee-fraud or "Nigerian 419" email is constantly evolving to reflect the times: if letters announcing big lottery winnings or requesting help on behalf of deceased dictators' heirs fail to pull in new victims, one can always go back to letters on behalf of pious dying princesses or purported bank embezzlers. And now this, which arrived the other day in my email:

To celebrate this month of September' ending anniversary program.
Chevron/Texaco has given you a donation of $980,000.00USD
As a compensation for environmental hazards caused by our
Product, we hope this donation will be used well, not
Only for you but your community.

Please fill these below information's to file your
Donation: -

Full Names:
Cell phone Number:

Please contact Remittance secretary to get your donation:
Name: Mr. Clive Barker,
Email: [redacted]

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
David J. O'Reilly

You know, that letter may qualify as more believable than some international lawsuit settlements that have actually happened.



Rafael Mangual
Project Manager,
Legal Policy

Katherine Lazarski
Manhattan Institute


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