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New guestblogger: John Hochfelder, New York Injury Cases Blog

We're pleased that attorney/blogger John Hochfelder of White Plains, N.Y. will be joining us as guest blogger this week. A former judge and big-firm lawyer who also trained and served for six years as an emergency medical technician (EMT), he now has a plaintiff's personal injury practice mainly concentrated in auto and construction-site accidents.

His New York Injury Cases Blog, launched last December, quickly attracted notice by going into depth on well-defined issues of New York practice, notably how courts here value particular types of physical injuries and recurring legal patterns such as sports and recreational injuries. It's also notable (warning to the squeamish) for its use of anatomical and surgical illustrations. We've linked to it frequently -- here, here, and here, for example.

And for those of you wondering, "Is this the first plaintiff's-side lawyer you've had at Point of Law?" I should point out that pioneer law blogger Peter Nordberg carried half of a featured discussion here three years ago. So far as I know, though, this is a first time among guestbloggers (& welcome Eric Turkewitz readers).



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