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Guestblogger thanks; posting lull; O'Connell at TortsProf

Many thanks to John Hochfelder for joining us as a guestblogger last week. If you haven't already, check out his New York Injury Cases Blog.

I'm going to be taking this coming week off, so any posting will be from others. I expect to be back August 31 with plenty of new material.

Also, do visit TortsProf later today where legendary torts scholar Jeffrey O'Connell of the University of Virginia, often called "father of no-fault" and an indefatigable reformer, will be a guestblogging contributor. He's the first of a series of scholars who will be guestblogging at TortsProf on Mondays through the academic year, among them such notable names as John Goldberg (Harvard), Tim Lytton (Albany), Tony Sebok (Cardozo), and Ken Abraham (Virginia).



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