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Around the web, August 20

  • More setbacks for lawsuits seeking to tie autism to vaccines [Kathleen Seidel and more]
  • So cute: AFL-CIO's online shop is selling "Wobbly" t-shirts. Do they know much about the violent record of the historic IWW? [Wood, ShopFloor]
  • Northwestern's Searle Center has a program that educates state AGs on economics, related policy [Rizo, Legal NewsLine]
  • Oklahoma AG Edmondson tells his side of the story in regulation-through-litigation suit against poultry farms [AP; earlier here, here, etc.]
  • When you're in the forensic accounting biz, inability to manage your own books is a credibility-sapper [Chicago Business h/t Francine McKenna]
  • A global ADA? U.S. signs U.N. Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities, push for Senate ratification expected soon [Mark Weber/Workplace Prof Blog]



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