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Schumer, Sotomayor, and sympathetic plaintiffs

A zinger from Tom Goldstein's and Kristina Moore's liveblogging of the confirmation hearings yesterday at ScotusBlog:

4:02 - Tom Goldstein: CS [Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.] is walking through the greatest of SS's hits of cases in which she ruled against plaintiffs in sympathetic sounding cases [such as In Re Air Crash Off Long Island, 1996, in which she ruled based on precedent for the defendant airline and against survivor families; Schumer's theme was that the rulings establish Sotomayor's willingness to decide cases on a basis of logic rather than personal empathy].

4:03 - Tom Goldstein: It reaches an extreme when CS points out that she ruled against a poor woman trying to get a loan who didn't have a lawyer. I think that CS might have thought of that case a little differently if he were questioning Sam Alito.

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