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"Chicken farmers feel threatened by Oklahoma suit"

An Associated Press account is surprisingly sympathetic to the poultry farmers whose livelihood is threatened by Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson's big-ticket suit. Trial is set for Sept. 21.

We've covered the suit several times as an example of the coziness of alliances between some state AGs and powerful private trial lawyers:

  • 7/19/05: suit flying mostly under the radar; per AP, in earlier suit by Tulsa "city received only $200,000 of the $7.5 million settlement, with the bulk going to lawyers. Edmondson says Oklahoma's contract with lawyers in the latest case states that fees and expenses won't toll more than 50 percent."
  • 10/6/05: per Will Wilson, AEI's AGWatch, "Edmondson has farmed out the litigation for the suit to campaign contributors; one-third of the booty from the case will go to firms whose letterheads coincide happily with the Edmondson donor list (Riggs, Orbison, Turpen, Neal)";
  • 4/30/06: famed non-Oklahoma firm Motley Rice gets finger-lickin' one-third contingency share;
  • 3/9/08: more on hiring of lawyers;

And more on Edmondson here, here, and here (running for governor).

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