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Around the web, July 1

  • My other blog, Overlawyered, turns ten years old today -- so far as anyone knows, the oldest weblog on law [Overlawyered]
  • Look before you leap, guys: report for British courts suggests weakening loser-pays rule for class/collective actions [Hartley]
  • You've probably never heard of this obscure federal appointee, but if EFCA passes he could soon be deciding your firm's labor future [ShopFloor]
  • Blawg Review #218 [Adrian Dayton's Marketing Strategy and the Law]
  • Fluoride -- yes, the same stuff dentists recommend and that figured in the plot of Dr. Strangelove -- is latest high-profile chemical set for mandatory warnings under California's Prop 65 [Cal Biz Lit, Popehat]
  • Back pay awards for illegal-alien workers, notwithstanding the Supreme Court's ruling in Hoffman Plastics? [Workplace Prof]



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