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Around the web, May 4

Asbestos-litigation edition, with a special nod to the Global Tort blog, which has been providing much coverage of the subject:

  • Controversy heats up in Scotland and London over Scottish legislation to open up compensation over pleural plaques [March, April posts, plus latest]
  • Attorney Mark Behrens of Shook Hardy has a new article in the Texas Review of Litigation entitled "What's New in Asbestos Litigation?" (PDF, courtesy TortsProf). The plaintiff's bar, he notes, is developing new theories and defendants; with judicial scrutiny at last being applied to the mass recruitment of uninjured plaintiffs, he says lawyers are now focusing instead on plaintiffs with actual injury;
  • More reading material: Southwestern U. Law Review symposium [Mass Tort Prof] Skadden Arps litigation report [Cal Biz Lit]
  • "Manville Asbestos Trust Reducing Transparency on its Asbestos Claims Data" [Global Tort, March, April followup]

  • American lawyers developing overseas shipyard claims [Global Tort, Legal NewsLine]
  • Suit charging docs with bogus diagnoses could hit some of biggest plaintiff's firms [Forbes]



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