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April 15 roundup

All-labor- and employment-law edition:

  • A view from some EFCA backers: leadership and labor base are marching in different directions on this thing [Michael Fox]. Senate vote count shows why labor's mulling card check compromise [same]. Constitutions of some pro-card-check unions ensure members' right to use secret ballot to elect officers [Carter @ ShopFloor on Screen Actors Guild and more, von Spakovsky @ NRO on Teamsters]
  • Circuits are split on effects of bankruptcy on union contracts, which may affect where GM or Chrysler file for protection [Bales, Workplace Prof Blog]
  • "Gearing Up for Tougher Wage & Hour Enforcement from DOL", including 250 new investigators [Michael Fox]
  • Mitch Rubinstein (St. John's, Adjunct Law Prof) on stimulus bill's provisions on labor, employment law [SSRN via Bales/Workplace Prof]
  • TARP recipients under political pressure not to use H1-B immigration program [Felix Salmon] Update: So now Wall Street firms are just relocating the hires to other countries, and everyone can be happy [WSJ]
  • 45 percent of French in poll said to find boss-napping acceptable tactic [Stuttaford, NRO "Corner"]



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