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Backroom deal to lift New York med-mal fee caps

"Gov. Paterson wants to hand the state's powerful trial lawyers a huge cash bonanza by rolling back a two-decades-old reform law that capped legal fees from medical-malpractice awards, The Post has learned." To try to buy off doctors' opposition, the deal might include a one-year freeze on the insurance rates physicians could be charged -- though of course the bill would do nothing to freeze the cost of providing such insurance, quite the reverse. (In the past, docs have gotten an unpleasant surprise after years in which insurance rates had been artificially suppressed, when they learned that rates and assessments would then have to skyrocket to cover past shortfalls).

Readers already know about the tort connections of Assembly leader Sheldon Silver, of-counsel with Weitz & Luxenberg. Not as well known are those of the governor: "Paterson's father, Basil, is partner at the Long Island tort-law/lobbying firm of Meyer, Suozzi, English & Klein. Lifting the malpractice cap would mean a huge payday for Meyer, Suozzi. And a very happy Paterson pere."

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