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Around the web, March 9

  • How far should law go in expanding "crime victims' rights" at trial? Scott Greenfield vs. Paul Cassell on the pending W.R. Grace trial [Simple Justice, Volokh]
  • Remember usury laws, much deplored by economists? Sen. Durbin has a bill that would fix maximum consumer interest rate at 36% [CL&P]
  • Thwacking RFK Jr. and the Huffington Post soundly over more anti-vaccine wrongheadedness [Orac]
  • "Wilmer Lambasted for Fee Request in Whistle-Blower Case" [AmLaw Daily]
  • "Calif. Justices Air Standing for UCL Class Actions Against Tobacco Industry" [The Recorder]
  • Constitutionally protected lawyer advertising enters its fourth decade: one less-than-enthusiastic view [California Civil Justice]



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