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Around the web, February 23

  • "How a Few Radical Employment Law Changes Will Create Lots of Work for Attorneys" [NLJ]
  • Discussion of what to do with teetery banks often totally misses issue of their holding companies [Tyler Cowen, MargRev] "Regulators to Banks: We Want You To Lend, But..." [Bank Lawyer's Blog] TARP "a lousy program", says CEO of one of the Midwest's largest banks [same]
  • Stimulus bill massively expands health-privacy law, with state-AG enforcement and damage awards for patients whose privacy is impaired: lots more HIPAA liability and litigation coming up [Health Law News][HIPAA Blog]
  • More stimulus woe: "Sweeping New Whistleblower Law May Cover All Employers Who Receive Stimulus Funds" [Morrison & Foerster, PDF, JD Supra]
  • "Our view: Latest efforts to roll back Maryland's malpractice reforms are misguided" [Baltimore Sun editorial]
  • ABA views on medical device pre-emption good for prosperity of litigators, not so hot as national policy [Hillyer, D.C. Examiner]



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