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Around the web, February 17

International and comparative law edition:

  • Asbestos in the U.K.: in wake of Law Lords ruling, British government considers compensation for asymptomatic pleural plaques [Guardian, Global Tort (defense-oriented "Commentary on Torts, Disputes and Insurance"), earlier]
  • "Will former Bush administration officials be prosecuted in foreign countries?" [E. Posner, Volokh] The Israeli military? [Keitner, ConcurOp]
  • Jury trial in retreat in Russia and Britain, expanding in China, South Korea and Japan [The Economist via Genova]
  • Latest round in Ecuador vs. Chevron: oil company protests court-appointed expert's revamping of damages upward to $27 billion [Reuters, earlier]
  • Attorneys for 16 Indiana National Guardsmen sue contractor KBR over exposure to toxics from Iraq water pumping plant [CNN]
  • Academic applauds Alien Tort Statute for bringing international law into U.S. courtrooms [more Keitner via ConcurOp]



Rafael Mangual
Project Manager,
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Katherine Lazarski
Manhattan Institute


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