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Around the web, February 3

  • Audacious: Stimulus bill would let state AGs file HIPAA damage suits using private contingency-fee lawyers [Chamber ILR]
  • Hemline effect? Periods of intensive empirical research at law schools said to correlate with stock market booms [Prawfsblawg, ConcurOp]
  • If "Human Rights Watch" wants to nose into U.S. domestic labor law, could it at least do so on the right side? [Carter at ShopFloor]
  • Canada said to have too few lawyers, a sentiment open to doubt [Maclean's]
  • Connecticut experiments with group voir dire, Norm Pattis comments [Connecticut Trial Lawyer] Best blogs and feeds about juries, by Anne Reed who is too modest to note that hers is in fact best [Deliberations]
  • Julian Sanchez on Cass Sunstein appointment [Ars Technica; earlier]



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