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Around the web, February 1

  • Getting to be an old story, we know, but yet another study finds no vaccine link to autism [Joanne Jacobs]
  • On a bad, bad Specter proposal: "The Criminalization of Products Liability: An Invitation to Political Abuse, Preemption, and Non-Enforcement" [Frank Vandall (Emory), SSRN, via TortsProf]
  • "A Comprehensive Look at FCPA [Foreign Corrupt Practices Act] Settlements" [Kevin LaCroix on NERA Economic Consulting study]
  • Podcast: "SCOTUScast 1-27-09 featuring Erin Glenn Busby" [Federalist Society via Mass Tort Prof]
  • A drugmaker's challenge: "Government By Contingent Fee In Pennsylvania" [Beck & Herrmann]
  • Another effort to tie deep pockets to terror, and with an Alien Tort Statute angle too: "Israelis Sue Oil-for-Food Companies for Alleged Ties to Palestinian Terrorists" [Legal Times]



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