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Pants Suit: Roy Pearson appeals again...

Will this never end? This morning we learn that Roy Pearson, the former D.C. administrative law judge, has filed a petition for a rehearing or rehearing en banc, asking the D.C. Court of Appeals to reconsider its December 18th dismissal of his $54 million lawsuit against his drycleaners for supposedly misplacing his pants. (Pearson's petition is here.)

Chris Manning, the attorney for the tormented drycleaners, the Chungs, writes in an e-mail:

Mr. Pearson's Petition is sad and unfortunate. Amazingly, despite two resounding defeats, Mr. Pearson has, once again, decided to prolong the needless agony of this case for the Chungs, for the DC taxpayers and for everyone involved. The Chungs and I hope the DC Court of Appeals will deny Mr. Pearson's Petition and will put this case to rest in this jurisdiction. Most importantly, the Chungs and I call on Mayor Fenty and the DC City Council to amend the very vague and often unfair DC Consumer Protection Act so that cases like this cannot happen again.

A very important point. The media coverage has focused on Pearson's obsessive litigation and the emotional and economic damage inflicted on the Chungs, but reporters have paid less attention to the steps necessary to prevent the recurrence of similar legal abuses.

But the American Legislative Exchange Council, the national association of market-oriented state legislators, announces in a news release that it has available the uniform law, the "Private Enforcement of Consumer Protection Statutes Act" to discourage such abuses. Sherman "Tiger" Joyce of the American Tort Reform Association has also repeatedly called for reforms, as noted in ATRA's news release.

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