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Around the web, January 30

  • Just when you think Mayor Bloomberg might be over his nanny phase, here comes Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden wanting to regulate salt in food [NY Times, Overlawyered]
  • "Glitches" in trial preparation led to Seroquel suit dismissal? Hey, reporters, it's okay to ask lawyers follow-up questions [Ron Miller; Beck & Herrmann]
  • Oregon legislature debates tort limitations [Robinette, TortsProf]
  • Hi, I'm from the International Labour Organization, and I'm here to push for more intensely regulatory regimes of labor and employment law [Workplace Prof]
  • "Lawsuit reform progresses in states" [Hillyer, Examiner; Carter at ShopFloor]
  • J. Russell Jackson, Skadden product liability specialist known for his well-researched National Law Journal columns, is now blogging [ConsumerClassActionsMassTorts.com -- he should check out Scott Greenfield's shrewd advice and dump that ungainly domain name in favor of something less SEO-driven and more memorable]



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