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Around the web, January 28

  • Today is CPSIA Blogging Day, in which hundreds of bloggers are expected to protest the new law driving small makers of children's goods out of business; look for posts here and (especially) at my other site, Overlawyered;
  • I spoke last weekend at an excellent Federalist Society one-day West Coast event on Indian and tribal law; I addressed land claims litigation, while my co-panelist Maimon Schwarzschild of U. San Diego compellingly explained ongoing efforts to invoke international law on behalf of "indigenous peoples" including Native Americans [Volokh, Overlawyered; unrelated Michigan State symposium on labor and employment law in Indian country]
  • "One speaker said that, to date, no Canadian court has ever denied a motion to certify a class in a drug or device case." [Beck & Herrmann]
  • "Lott's Name Surfaces in Connection with New Scruggs Suit" [WSJ Law Blog]
  • Aspirations to transparency easier said than done when it comes to trial lawyers' influence on presidential transition [Carter @ ShopFloor]
  • Judge declines to certify class action of persons claiming injury from Teflon fumes [InjuryBoard, South Florida Lawyers via Karlsgodt]



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