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Around the web, January 26

All labor- and employment-law edition:

  • Flying under the radar, Healthy Families Act would extend scope of FMLA paid leave [Kirsanow, NRO "Corner"]
  • Jeff Hirsch: Oh, go ahead and nationalize workplace law [WorkplaceProf]
  • "Obesity as Disability: An Imperfect Fit" [Pulver via Bales, WorkplaceProf]
  • International Union of Manhattan Drawbridge Operators? Make sure you're following Mickey Kaus on the EFCA debate [Kausfiles, multiple posts]
  • Idea of "time theft", though rather weird and artificial, comes up on both sides in employment disputes [George Lenard]
  • Those wicked, wicked conservatives: institutes at UC Santa Barbara (Nelson Lichtenstein) and UCLA collaborate to sponsor conference demonizing those not on board with new labor measures [program via Workplace Prof]



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