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Around the web, January 8

  • Once the lawyers get through suing over Madoff feeder funds, Big 4 auditing firms might get winnowed down to 3... 2... 1? [Salmon citing NakedShorts and Bronte Capital]
  • Leading advocate of laws to ban "workplace bullying", a cause we've often viewed with skepticism, has his own blog now [David Yamada, Minding the Workplace]
  • Why are venerable law firms shuttering rather than do mergers w/other firms? Partner liability helps explain [Ribstein]
  • Some dismiss "New Deal prolonged the Depression" view as fringey. Are they right? [Tabarrok, MargRev]
  • Will he stand up to pseudo-science? Medblogger Orac on pluses and minuses of Sanjay Gupta as Surgeon General [Respectful Insolence]
  • Bubble-icious public sector: "CalPERS could bankrupt us faster than anything else." [Coyote]



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