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Around the web, December 22

  • Arguments for why the proposed Employee Free Choice Act might be unconstitutional on Takings Clause and First Amendment grounds [Manhattan Institute scholar Richard Epstein, WSJ]
  • Key case on NYC "pothole" law: state's high court says judges shouldn't rubber-stamp famous trial-lawyer-generated map as proof of notice of sidewalk trip hazards [Sewell Chan, NYT; background]
  • Corp-governance scoldery that flourished after Enron collapse seems to have helped very little in crash, SEIU/Calpers not exactly role models these days [Weisenthal, Ribstein]
  • Despite reputed collegiality of English bar, awards-ceremony tiff indicates personal injury lawyers split "along tribal lines" [Telegraph; hard feelings from asbestos-suit clashes]
  • Charged by some fellow academics as stooge of ruling-class exploiters, Rick Hills declines invitation to self-criticism session [Prawfsblawg, guest appearance by Brian Leiter]
  • Thoughts about the ethics of nonrefundable attorneys' fee retainers [Greenfield]



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