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Around the web, December 19

  • "If recent jury verdicts are any indication, it is good to be a plaintiffs employment discrimination lawyer these days" [ABA Journal]
  • Marquette lawprof Rick Esenberg on labor costs and the Big Three automakers [Shark and Shepherd first, second, intermission posts, more to come]
  • Judge Chin to Dewey & LeBoeuf: could you explain exactly who all these lawyers are you want to bill out at $605/hr.? (And what's with the extra $5?) [Greenfield]
  • The field of cardiology discriminates against women? Really? [Dr. Wes]
  • Washington Supreme Court rules manufacturers of otherwise nonhazardous component products have no duty to warn about asbestos used in conjunction with their wares [TortsProf]
  • Does "logrolling" count as an environmentalist activity? Sierra Club and Natural Resources Defense Council endorse AFL-CIO's EFCA/card check push [ShopFloor]



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