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Around the web, December 16

All-blog edition:

  • "Deeply troublesome" decree by New York regulator: directors' and officers' insurers can't disclaim duty to defend, no matter how explicitly [LaCroix]
  • Supreme Court grants certiorari on question of whether bankruptcy court can stop asbestos injury suits [Burch, Mass Tort Lit]
  • A passing moment of anger after a day that didn't go right, post-EFCA -- and then the union's got your card to hold on to [Laboring at the Institute via Fox, Jottings]
  • One source of demand for financial regulation: "Many in the securities business want investors who feel safer than they are." [Carney]
  • Britain's experiment with consumer class actions isn't getting much refund money into consumer hands, but it's not as if our system excels at that either [Karlsgodt]
  • First step for lawyer to take in defending any lawsuit: the "Stupid Call". [CalBizLit]



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