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Around the web, December 8

  • California plaintiff's lawyer Seth Davidson has been blogging Japanese asbestos conference, with presentations on law of asbestos compensation in Italy, France, Japan and Korea; also views of Mt. Sinai's Stephen Levin [Asbestos Law Journal; corrected misrendering of blogger's name]
  • "Bring your own booze" policy no defense to liability for drinking establishment after customer leaves drunk and crashes, says Illinois appellate court [newish torts blog by John Marshall lawprof Alberto Bernabe]
  • Wouldn't have guessed Oregon-based Jack Bogdanski, one of the better known lawprof-bloggers, would be dabbling in Trig Palin trutherism [Michelle Malkin]
  • Much chatter from labor unions about "shareholder democracy", but their actual practice seems about as tactical and inconsistent as on the use of secret ballots in representation [Ribstein]
  • Feel the love! Very grown-up and sophisticated response to release of Marie Gryphon's careful and wide-ranging new study of loser-pays [Day on Torts]
  • John Beisner weighs in on American Law Institute's draft Principles of Aggregate Litigation, inside baseball but important stuff [Beck & Herrmann]



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