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Around the web, December 4

  • Good response to clueless Marie Cocco column that celebrated tenth anniversary of corrupt, undemocratic multi-state tobacco settlement [Sullum, Reason "Hit and Run"]
  • New details on Philadelphia prosecution of ring that allegedly helped itself to class action proceeds by filing bogus claims [WSJ law blog, earlier]
  • More thoughts regarding that offensively titled "Patriot Employers Act" being pushed by union advocates in Congress [Coyote, earlier]
  • Proposal for tougher curbs on residents' work hours: will training suffer? [MedRants]
  • Remember the Nader-originated PIRG (Public Interest Research Group) groups? In Canada, University of Ottawa's OPIRG faces furor over its snubbing of Hillel group citing "relationship to apartheid Israel" [National Post]
  • Housing finance bubble the outcome of laissez-faire? What laissez-faire would that be? [Lawrence White, Cato Unbound via Bainbridge]
  • Motion to recuse Illinois Supreme Court justices who took Corboy & Demetrio money -- but that'd require recusing four of the seven [ABA Journal; more on Caperton v. Massey, headed for high court]



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