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ABA Journal "Blawg 100" contest

Could you please go over there right now and vote for my other blog Overlawyered in the "Niche" category? More explanation here. We'll wait while you vote. Thanks.

Now that you're back, be aware that the contest has other categories where you can vote for some of our friends and acquaintances (or for other blogs if you like them even better). In "News", Volokh Conspiracy is currently in a tight three-way race for the lead with Above the Law and the (mostly criminal-law-oriented) TalkLeft. At least half the other names in "News" will be familiar to our readers, including Howard Bashman, Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit, and Jane Genova of Law and More. NY-based bloggers Scott Greenfield (Simple Justice) and Eric Turkewitz (New York Personal Injury Blog) appear in "Crime" and "Regional" respectively; both hold high positions on our reading list even though -- or is it especially because? -- their well-crafted views often contrast with our own. Finally, "Professors" is headlined by Point of Law contributor and stellar expositor of corporate law Prof. Bainbridge, though other nominees on the list stand out as well, such as the Becker-Posner Blog and Paul Caron's broader-than-its-name-implies TaxProf.



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