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Around the web, November 19

  • Have the Lerach/Weiss scandals and PSLRA really changed financial class actions? And what will the election mean? Panel discussion with Joseph Grundfest, Boris Feldman, Judge Vaughn Walker, others [D&O Diary]
  • Trial lawyers are determined to get Nevada's MICRA-like medical malpractice limits overturned [Insurance Journal]
  • $580 million Engle tobacco class action fund: you mean it might be taxable? And subject to Medicare recoupment? What fun is that? [DBR]
  • Even Democratic NLRB guru Bill Gould finds EFCA's arbitration provisions unfairly tilted toward unions that refuse to negotiate [Hirsch, WorkplaceProf]
  • "A Pennsylvania lawyer came to Charleston last month and filed 900 lawsuits in one day." Defendants were railroads CSX and Norfolk Southern, most were asbestos claims [WV Record]
  • Only the most reliable and objective sources: insurance official says "many of the allegations contained in the [AAJ insurer-bashing] report appear to have been lifted from legal briefs filed by [now-imprisoned felon] Richard Scruggs and other plaintiff attorneys" after Katrina [National Underwriter]



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