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Around the web, November 11

  • "Hedge fund representatives will face Congress this week, another act in a play that will probably end with some bad regulation unless somebody gets some sense." [Ribstein]
  • Acrimonious rift leads to departure of high-profile plaintiff's lawyer Michael Hausfeld from his firm, Cohen Milstein [American Lawyer]
  • Dangers of the number "60": "There's not a single Democrat in the Senate who will filibuster" Employee Free Choice Act (and GOP's Specter is among its sponsors) [Weigel in L.A. Times]
  • Even within Bush administration, pressure building for more stringent HIPAA medical-privacy enforcement [HIPAA Blog]
  • Michigan Chief Justice Taylor "was the target of a deceptive, but devastating TV campaign bankrolled by still-unidentified Democratic donors" [Brian Dickerson, Free Press, not exactly a Taylor sympathizer]
  • Human nature at work again: with Dems' Houston sweep, GOP more aware of flaws in partisan system of judicial elections [Chronicle, Kirkendall]



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