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Adler & Adler on Ohio Supreme Court

Case Western lawprof Jonathan Adler, well known to many of our readers through his blogging at Volokh Conspiracy, and his attorney spouse Christina Adler have co-authored a paper for the Federalist Society on the favorable developments at the Ohio Supreme Court, which has pulled back from a number of its predecessor's decisions that have been assailed as ill-considered or lawless (in particular, the court's former unwillingness to allow the Ohio legislature to enact liability limits). The paper's title is "A More Modest Court: The Ohio Supreme Court's Newfound Judicial Restraint". Commenters on Prof. Adler's post @ Volokh disagree on whether the relatively weak challenges to conservative justices this year testify to a successful de-politicization of the court, or simply reflect liberal interests' temporary inability to recruit formidable challengers. We've covered the court's doings extensively in the past.

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