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"Biden said that he's 'done more than any other senator combined' for trial lawyers"

Which is more unsettling, the grammatical slip or the substance? ABC's Jake Tapper reports:

"I think we're going to be up very late counting votes," Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., told a kettle of lawyers Tuesday night at a fundraiser for the Democratic Victory Fund hosted by the American Association of Justice in Washington, D.C. "And so, your help means a big deal. The last help we need you for, is you're the best legal minds in the country. We're going to need you going into election time, because we're going to mobilize thousands of lawyers to make sure they don't steal another election." ...

Biden said that he's "done more than any other senator combined" for trial lawyers.

"There are two people -- you've heard me say it before -- two groups that stand between us and the barbarians at the gate," Biden said. "It's you and organized labor. That's it. That is it. So, mark my words, mark my words, if we lose this election, you are going to continue to see a continuation of the onslaught on everything we care about. For real. For real. So, I'm not only thanking you for your help. I would think you're all absolutely brain-dead if you didn't help. And I mean it."

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