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Around the web, September 29

  • Erin Brockovich enlists as pitchwoman for NYC tort firm Weitz & Luxenberg, of Sheldon Silver and asbestos fame, but there's no telling when her reputation will catch up with her [NY Post, NY Daily News]
  • Whoever thought "liar loans" would end badly? Quite a shocker that was [Malanga, Real Clear Politics]
  • Class-action suit seeks end to Building Industry Association of Washington support for Dino Rossi, challenger to Gov. Christine Gregoire (D-Wash.) [WSJ editorial]
  • Chemerinsky: new Irvine law school "has no ideology" [L.A. Times]
  • Don't blame "mark-to-market" accounting for the catastrophe, argues Nicole Gelinas [City Journal]
  • Court of appeals appointments by next president likely to make big impact [Legal Times]



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