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Guest Blogger for Week of August 11-18, 2008 - Peggy Little

I will be providing posts on legal developments this week while Walter Olson is on a well-deserved break. I am a Connecticut attorney who practices in the field of commercial litigation and appeals in state and federal courts, with a particular interest in appeals. I also publish on Regulation by Litigation, class actions, legal fees in mass litigation, book reviews and junk science in the courts(link not available, PDF is on request). I also direct, part-time, the Federalist Society Pro Bono Center, and serve on its national litigation section executive committee, co-chair its publications group, and have helped to organize national and local conferences on these and related matters. I also have an ongoing interest in the legal and collegiate academies, the therapeutic state, separation of powers, Supreme Court jurisprudence, and am at work on publications on contingency fees in governmental litigation, the states' attorneys general, and the student loan market. I am a 1984 graduate of Yale Law School, Yale College, B.A. 1977 and clerked for the Hon. Ralph K. Winter on the Second Circuit before entering into private practice. I am happily resigned from a large firm partnership and am pleased to report to the Point of Law lawyer/readers that there is a rewarding professional and writing life in the thereafter.



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