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Around the web, June 22

All-blog edition:

  • "If you don't practice in courts where the "blind strike" [juror selection] method is used, you've probably never heard of it." [Deliberations, with great use of stock art]
  • Bruce Carton [ex-Securities Litigation Watch] is back blogging on class action and corporate governance themes [Unusual Activity]
  • Top marginal tax rate on income to rise to 60% in next administration? [Kaus]
  • Those who follow qui tam/False Claims Act issues should be sure to take a look at the recent Martin Redish paper on private government counsel [Beck & Herrmann]
  • New Jersey edging away from its reputation as a pro-plaintiff jurisdiction for pharmaceutical suits? [Beck & Herrmann again]
  • Prof. Cass Sunstein not far enough to the left to make a proper Obama legal adviser, think some [TalkLeft]
  • New sex and race harassment lawsuit against NASCAR -- was your first thought, "yeah, they're probably guilty", and if so is that stereotyping? [Schwartz]



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