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Kentucky fen-phen fraud trial underway

We've been covering this story for some time -- April 2007 and much earlier -- and the criminal trial of three of the Kentucky fen-phen attorneys who stole tens of millions from their clients begins today. (Andrew Wolfson, "Fen-phen trial gets under way", Louisville Courier-Journal, May 13). Andrew Wolfson has an overview at the Louisville Courier-Journal. The strategy of Gallion, Cunningham and Mills appears to be to blame their co-counsel Stan Chesley. The question arises why he hasn't also been indicted, as he took millions of dollars more than he was contractually entitled to on his own. Judge Joseph "Jay" F. Bamberger, who received at least tens of thousands of dollars directly from the settlement after approving it, will testify, but has not been indicted. Also not indicted: Bamberger's former law partner, Mark Modlin, who received millions of dollars from the fen-phen lawyers, helped negotiate the judicial approval of the settlement, and then bought a house in Florida with the judge.

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