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Around the web, April 3

  • St. Petersburg, Fla. is latest locale where trauma center coverage is flickering due to shortage of that much-sued specialty, emergency neurosurgeons [SP Times]
  • NY Times runs articles on consecutive days making case for wider "bullying" liability -- anyone sense a campaign in the air? [ATL]
  • Some further thoughts on European non-enforcement of punitive damage awards [E. Posner, Slate "Convictions"]
  • Remember that asbestos case where a Reaud Morgan lawyer said duPont's safety policies were so bad the company should forfeit its right to exist? Jury disagrees and returns defense verdict [SE Texas Record]
  • More patients signing agreements with docs to arbitrate disputes, and lawyers trying to figure out how to do something about that [NLJ]
  • Continued rise of Alabama tort czar Jere Beasley [Houston Chronicle courtesy Chamber]
  • John Phillips has been doing blog roundups of employment law [for instance, and again]
  • Can a newspaper basically sympathetic to class action litigation nonetheless acknowledge lessons of latest Weiss, Lerach, Scruggs scandals? Yes, if it's the Philadelphia Inquirer; but the New York Times still hasn't weighed in and maybe never will [no link because, well, no editorial]



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