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Around the web, April 15

  • "Paid at the end of the day": "eye-popping" ambiguity of former Mississippi AG Mike Moore's multiple roles as Katrina insurance "resolution counsel" [Parloff]
  • Called in Jones v. Scruggs fee dispute, Scruggs takes the Fifth at least 19 times [AP, YallPolitics, NMC @ Folo and more, Rossmiller]
  • Updating earlier item: appellate court stays Suffolk County's prosecution of lawyer who advised Filipina nurses they were free to quit jobs [Greenfield]
  • Kudos to SUNY Binghamton where they've cut back mandatory student fee outlays to Litigation Lobby pillar NYPIRG; official of that group claims cuts are a "direct violation of student rights" [BU Pipe Dream]
  • An "immediate" little uptick in the local crime rate when a house goes into foreclosure? Really, Sen. Dodd? [Mark Lieberman/FoxBusiness via Crime and Consequences]
  • Oh look, a company actually defending itself in public debate [Chevron on Ecuador environmental suit in SFChron; Reuters; ChrSciMon; earlier. More: IBD and WSJ editorials]
  • Jonathan Adler versus Jeffrey Rosen on supposed Bush "legal war against the environment" [Volokh]



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