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ILEP: Mark Tapscott of The Examiner responds

Editorial page editor Mark Tapscott of the Washington Examiner writes in as follows in response to the letter posted earlier today from attorney Sandra Stein of ILEP (the Institute for Law and Economic Policy):

I would advise Ms. Stein that it's not as easy as that. She, Labaton, Lerach and Milberg Weiss all had abundant opportunities to answer my specific questions about ILEP's funding, programs and operations prior to publication, yet refused to respond. Surely she doesn't now expect to be taken seriously by simply tossing out a post-publication ad hominem that what The Examiner published about ILEP is "falsehoods" because Phil Anschutz owns The Examiner. Unless ILEP responds to the specifics of what we published, readers will be fully justified in concluding that it has something to hide.

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