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Cleveland, Baltimore municipal subprime suits

Met with a hail of dead cats from Baltimore Examiner, NAM "Shop Floor", "Dreck" @ TigerHawk, KipEsquire, Amateur Economist, and various commenters at the Plain Dealer. But the Denver Post's Al Lewis finds another lawprof who admires the Cleveland suit, which is more prominently being talked up by lawprof Kathleen Engel, a specialist in this area, as mentioned here and here. By coincidence or not, the law school at which Engel teaches is Cleveland State. And activist Ohio attorney general Marc Dann, a frequent mentionee on this site, praised the Cleveland suit and suggested that he may jump in at some point with an action on behalf of the state.

Earlier here and here. Related: Salmon @ Portfolio, Elizabeth Warren @ Credit Slips [with some good reader comments].

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