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Around the web, January 30

  • "Could Scruggs lose his tobacco settlement fees?" Probably not unless scope of scandal broadens [White Collar Crime Prof Blog]
  • When John Edwards denounced "special interests", it's a wonder his tongue didn't cleave to the roof of his mouth [ATRA]
  • More thoughts on the OHSU cutbacks following Oregon high court's wastebasketing of liability limits [Victoria Taft via Schuelke; earlier]
  • Not a shockeroo: recently ousted Louisiana AG Charles Foti joins plaintiff's class action firm [Kahn Gauthier Swick press release]
  • Lopez-Torres decision (NY judge-picking) marks welcome SCOTUS retreat from second-guessing of election methods [Hamilton/Findlaw via Turkewitz; earlier]
  • Tasteful and appropriate: Sen. Chris Dodd, in FISA/immunity debate, likens telecoms to Nazi underlings invoking Nuremberg defense [YouTube]



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