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Scruggs, Renfroe, and a bench recused

David Rossmiller:

In yet another of the increasingly bizarre twists and turns in Katrina-spawned litigation, in USA v. Scruggs, the prosecution of Dickie Scruggs for criminal contempt of court, Scruggs filed a motion asking all federal judges in the Northern District of Alabama to recuse themselves, and they did.

David has more on developments here, here, and, especially, here, as well as a post on a more or less separate instance of Scrugg-duggery in which the hard drive of one of his adversaries somehow found its way into his hands. The WSJ law blog also comments.

Plus: For those with WSJ subscriber access, the peerless James Q. Wilson, one of the pre-eminent social scientists of our era (and also -- who knew? -- a former director of State Farm) tackles the Katrina litigation: "A Real Insurance Fraud".



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