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Lynne Stewart appearance at Hofstra

John Steele liveblogged it at Legal Ethics Forum. From Steele's account, it would appear that -- despite the presence of several strong Stewart supporters on the program, which made it easy to expect the worst -- she did face the right sorts of pointed questions from both faculty and students, and the strained rationalizations she put forth for her gross misconduct were not allowed to pass without challenge.

None of which retrospectively makes Hofstra's decision to designate her as conference "faculty" anything other than the wince-making mistake it was. But it's certainly much preferable to the uncritical reception Stewart has been accorded on some of her other campus stops.

More: The New York Times finally notices the controversy, now that it's winding up. The Post's coverage is here ("Terror Lawyer Says She'd 'Do It Again'"). Earlier coverage here.

Plus: Candace DeRussy, NRO "Phi Beta Cons".

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