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Around the web, July 12

  • An L.A. county hospital's emergency room is accused of gross lapses in care, which must be the fault of the state's med-mal reforms 32 years ago. Right? Anyone with me? [InjuryBoard]

  • Gasoline expands and contracts with the temperature outside, which means mileage is a bit worse in summer and a bit better in winter; "hot fuel" class actions now seek damages over the former (with of course no offset for the latter) [USA Today]

  • According to plaintiff's expert, at least, Coca-Cola's revenue-inflating bookkeeping ploys cost shareholders $1.3 billion [Fulton County Daily Report]

  • Ex-clerks seem to view Judge Dolores Sloviter as Third Circuit's answer to Kathleen Battle [Rapoport][a contrasting view]

  • Trial lawyers in Oregon gear up for legislative attack on state's eight-year statute of repose on product liability claims, which is shorter than other states' [Insurance Journal]

  • What's the worst treaty? Law of the Sea [Rabkin/Goldsmith, AEI; other views via Adler]



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