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Card check for me, but not for thee

The mislabeled "Employee Free Choice Act" would do away with secret ballot elections in union certifications, instead installing unions as exclusive representatives once they proffer a majority of authorization cards signed by workers individually in settings where a 250-lb. Teamster may be looking over their shoulders ("You got a problem with that?") Comments Larry Lindsey in the W$J:

The final proof that this bill is about union power, and not worker choice, is revealed by its treatment of the flip side of unionization: decertification elections. These are secret ballot elections in which workers get to decide that they have had enough of the union. So under the Employee Free Choice Act can a majority of workers decertify the union by signing a card? Not on your life. Here unions want the chance to engage in a campaign to give workers both sides of the story -- and maybe do a better job of representing them -- before the union's fate is decided, by a secret-ballot vote.



Rafael Mangual
Project Manager,
Legal Policy

Manhattan Institute


Published by the Manhattan Institute

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