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D.C. medical malpractice

Washington, D.C. Mayor Anthony A. Williams has strongly endorsed reform and put forth a proposed Health Care Reform Act of 2005, but it faces tough sledding in a City Council where trial lawyers have much clout. (Washington Examiner, May 4; Washington Times, May 6 and May 14). Notice, in the Examiner article, the bald-faced assertion attributed to the head of the area trial lawyers' association: "And there's no data, [Wayne R.] Cohen said, that confirms any correlation between caps and malpractice insurance rates" -- although such a correlation is among the best-attested of all findings in malpractice research.



Isaac Gorodetski
Project Manager,
Center for Legal Policy at the
Manhattan Institute

Katherine Lazarski
Press Officer,
Manhattan Institute


Published by the Manhattan Institute

The Manhattan Insitute's Center for Legal Policy.