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Lilly Ledbetter Act, job creation, and inequality

Before the Lilly Ledbetter Act was passed, there were already federal laws on the books prohibiting sex discrimination in pay. The only thing the Ledbetter Act does is make it easier for employees to bring bogus fair-pay claims accusing long-gone or dead managers of discrimination. (One such bogus fair-pay claim is Lilly Ledbetter's own lawsuit, yet the media regularly buys into the portrayal of her as a victim.) This raises the expected litigation expense of hiring or retaining employees—which in turn reduces hiring and wages, kills jobs, and transfers wealth from the middle class to the wealthy—and male-dominated—legal profession. The law is a golden example of President Obama and a Democratic Congress favoring a wealthy special interest at the expense of everyday Americans and the economy.

So when Mitt Romney's campaign is asked about the law, why can't they say that? Instead of making an argument against the Obama presidency, they let themselves be mau-maued into implausibly claiming support for a Democratic bill. It's hard to imagine the pander gaining them any votes; and it's hard to imagine how Romney is going to win in November if he can't or isn't willing to construct a coherent argument for how Obama is hurting the economy.

More: Stuart Taylor @ NJ; Bader @ Examiner; Overlawyered. Earlier.

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