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Tomorrow is Poolmageddon

The Obama administration Department of Justice has issued ADA guidelines to hotels that state that it is insufficient to have portable lifts to assist disabled patrons from wheelchairs to pools and spas; rather, each individual "water element" must have a permanent lift installed in the facility at a cost between $8,000 to $20,000. The 300,000 or so hotel pools that have not installed such a lift (or shut down entirely) by tomorrow will be subject to private lawsuits by entrepreneurial lawyers who check in serial plaintiffs to bring drive-by suits. I suppose we should be thankful that all these law-school graduates complaining about lack of jobs on Above the Law are sufficiently ethical that they're passing up these opportunities to hang a shingle, make a friend in a wheelchair, and print money. [Washington Examiner; related; Overlawyered on ADA filing mills]

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